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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Blue Tit by Faunagraphic

Blue Tit by Faunagraphic

One of Manchester's oldest surviving murals

50 Newton Street manchester 

Faunagraphic (UK)

This piece was commissioned in 2011 by Converse as part of the Wall to Wall project. Sarah Yates is an illustrator focusing on topics of environmental awareness. She is well known for mixing graffiti with graphic design and taking inspiration from nature, especially from birds, which are her favourite subjects, as we can see in this large-scale mural depicting a large blue tit.


In Gods We Trust mural Manchester

Greek and Roman style mural Manchester


Pichi & Avo

Their name is simply a conjoining of both artists own names Pichi and Avo. Also known as Juan Antonio Sanchez and Alvaro Hernandez. Collaborating together since 2007. They are from the Valencia area of Spain. Originally but have been painting around the world for many years. We last saw their work at Upfest which they painted in 2016. That has since gone and another piece produced for the Cities of Hope festival in Manchester has sadly also been painted over.

jaguar or Puma mural


Nomad Clan (UK) 

This female street art duo composed by CBloxx and Aylo painted a large-scale mural that highlights male suicide. The work was inspired by the documentary “Grayson Perry – All Man”, which explores how contemporary masculinity shapes the lives and expectations of men nowadays.


The next revolution doc martens

The next revolution doc martens

doc martens street art mural manchester


New Union Hotel

New Union Hotel

111 Princess St, Manchester M1 6JB


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