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Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Go and Retrieve that Horizon Mural new Brighton

Go and Retrieve that Horizon

Art by Alexander ‘The Black Pearl’ – Hope Street

The Black Pearl was an interactive artwork which once sat on the shores of the Mersey. Created by Frank Lund and Major Mace in 2013. It has been maintained since by a small group of volunteers who had helped rebuild it after storms and even after an arson attack. Eventually the Black Pearl succumbed to a storm and was broken up by the waves of the Mersey in March 2020. The name was inspired by the pirate ship which featured in Pirate of the Caribbean. Painted by ‘Art by Alexander’ this is the fourth mural created by the artist painted in the town. The phase at the top of the artwork says ‘Go and Retrieve that Horizon’. It was taken from a personal message sent by Johnny Depp to the artist Frank Lund after hearing that the artwork had been damaged.


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