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Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Psychedelic hit the spot

 Em G C D V1- To make this ordinary world divine Take the trip of lysergic magic To see nightmares or wonderful dreams Just take a pinch of psychedelic -

CHORUS – C G D C Psychedelics hit the spot G D C G with a little bit of pot // C G D G I can’t help but laugh a lot D G C D Now I’m seeing black and white spots C G D G With pretty paisley pink dots G D C G We're All... Tripping on flashes of dots and of dashes X4

Em G C D V2- all around its all doom and gloom will someone please send me to the moon don't worry I won’t be back home to soon because on earth its all doom and gloom


V3- I secretly spy with my minds eye a world flowing by before me Everything is alive and moving "Flowers glowing sunlight flowing X-Purple green it’s a dream


V4- My Mind is subtly expanding Giving me new understandings Soul enlightened as I tripped into the night Fantastic Menageries of Lights Bridge – C G D C Let colours and music combine G D C G Let us together all take the time C G D C As the light hits the disco ball G D C G many multi coloured thought arrays C G D C the cogs appear within wheels of clock G D C G X2 The wheel is moving up and down re-ascending and transcending


Lyrics by Peter Forster Vox/Music by Dan Groover Collaborated Online on 2-11-2016

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