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Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Chorlton Street Art Mural by Qubek

Chorlton Street Art Mural by Qubek

@Qubekmanchester #Qubekmanchester chorlton

Quote from Qubek:

Here's my finished mural in #chorlton , a celebration of these two animals, the farming heritage of the area and a nod to the oak forest which stood here before everything.

 A long time ago one of the most popular activities here was cock fighting and bull bating. Seeing these animals tied up and tore apart by dogs for fun. Thankfully this area is more Liberal and animal friendly these days so here are the animals being celebrated, standing proud and tall. 

 I used the cool and hot colours to reflect the dark and light, past and present. I really would love to more on this but once again time is not on my side


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