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Thursday, 21 October 2021

Street Art Murals Islington (The Fabric District) Liverpool

Street Art Murals Islington (The Fabric District) Liverpool

Street Art Murals Bayhorse Lane and Gildart Street Liverpool

Street Art Spots in the Fabric District

The up-and-coming Fabric District near Liverpool’s universities has recently upped its street-art game and is probably one of the best places to see a huge variety of street art in a confined area.

Take a wander around London RoadBayhorse Lane and Gildart Street to see the best they have to offer in guerrilla art.

Gildart Street is fast becoming an open-air street gallery, with murals including the brightly coloured work of Shane O’Malley, Darren John and Finbar McHugh.

Yet another abstract and colorful artwork was realized by Irish artist Shane O’Malley, who began painting graffiti in 2001.

The Outdoor Gallery, Bayhorse Lane

 From dots to birds, cartoons and typography and geometry made fun. You’ll see something you love on Bayhorse Lane.

Also from Galway (Ireland) is Finbar McHugh, who painted an abstract piece made of thousands of colorful little dots

All his way from Indonesia, Sicovecas painted both in the mural area and in the graffiti area of the festival. The mural he painted on the Fabric Distric is inspired by Stonehenge as a place for sun worshipping in the summer solstice.

British muralist, graffiti writer (Hicks54) and illustrator Ed Hicks is well-known for his obscure themes and articulated narratives.


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