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Thursday, 5 May 2022

Wellington Mill Street Art Jam Manchester

Wellington Mill Street Art Jam

Wellington Mills - Pollard Street

Wellington Mill Ancoats, Manchester

Many, if not most, of Manchester's former textile mills have been converted into apartment buildings but the Wellington Mill and its neighbour, the Brunswick Mill, across the Ashton Canal, struggle on as homes to a collection of small businesses

Among those who have the Wellington Mill, or as it is also referred to Wellington House, as their address are: The Greenhouse Rehearsal Studios, Flying Carpets Limited, Fish Fry, Castle Garments and Eklectika Enterprises.  As you can see an eclectic collection of businesses.

Tony Kelzo 


Jay Sharples 

Lost Hills

Nomad clan 

Don't think this piece at the mill ever made it onto this page ! Mural Life . Staggered over two walls ! Looking forward to having him down at the next art jam .

The Joker 

Jay Sharples 

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