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Wednesday, 9 February 2022

The impossible Bridge LS Lowry

The impossible Bridge LS Lowry 

This Impossible Bridge is a vast piece of engineering now lost in a scrub wood of birch and sycamore like something Mayan in a Mexican rainforest.

Built in the 1890s to lift people from Collyhurst Road to Cheetham Hill, but then also having to lift them again over the now-vanished railway sidings of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, it’s an extraordinary structure. It leads at present from one unimportant nowhere to another unimportant nowhere with ridiculous overbearing presence. Ozymandias eat your heart out.

It’s always impressed as well. It’s even got a place in art history. LS Lowry, the miserablist artist beloved of teatowel makers across the country captured it in a sketch.

The Impossible Bridge provides astonishing views of the city centre and the surroundings, from the moors to the north to the immediate environs

view of Collyhurst flats from the top of the Bridge

There used to be a big stagecoach bus depot here. Also on the other side of the Bridge there was a Royal Mail sorting office

A view of Manchester city center 

The Redbank steps of death

a view of the Bridge not mean people get to see

The disused Impossible railway bridge. Once part of the Lancashire and Yorkshire railway.

The footbridge was made famous by LS Lowry’s Collyhurst Footbridge painting

Also the impossible Bridge is famous for graffitis

Man City True Blue

Dantzic Street Manchester ... Dantzic Street is a Street in the city of Manchester which measures approximately 921 metres long

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