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Saturday, 12 March 2022

Blondie, Debbie Harry street art mural Altrincham Manchester

Blondie, Debbie Harry street art mural Altrincham Manchester

 A stunning piece of street art has appeared in the heart of Altrincham depicting the lead singer of Blondie, Debbie Harry.

Situated on The Causeway, an unassuming side street behind Stamford New Road, the colourful artwork includes three stunning portraits in red, white and blue, of the music legend in her prime.

Below the trio of Debbies is the line ‘Love’s gone behind’, lyrics from the Blondie hit “Heart of Glass” – one of the band’s most memorable songs, which was originally released in 1978.

The eye-catching artwork comes from renowned Liverpool-based street artist John Culshaw, who is famed for his hyper-realistic and colour murals. He commented: “Doing the Debbie Harry mural was an absolute pleasure. Her music is so memorable, and her face is just captivating – I only hope I did her justice.

“It’s my first time doing a piece like this in Altrincham, although I spend a lot of time in the town with family as my mum lives very close by in Timperley. There’s a growing street art scene in the area, which is something to be admired. Hopefully, it’ll raise a smile with local residents and perhaps inspire budding artists of all ages.”

Culshaw, 35, who lost an arm in a childhood accident, has enjoyed a growing reputation in the North West over the past couple of years after completing several eye-catching murals in both Manchester and Liverpool.

James Maguire, Founder and Director of Maguire Family Law, which commissioned the piece, said: “Having recently moved into our Altrincham office, we knew we wanted do something special to the rear of the property to brighten up The Causeway aspect. We’ve admired John’s work for some time, and he seemed like the perfect person for the job.

“The only question was who we should have a mural of, but after some lively debate, Debbie was a clear frontrunner. Not only is she a musical icon, but she also has such an interesting personal story, from being adopted at three months old and surviving a childhood coma caused by pneumonia, to working for the BBC later in life and hanging out with pop artist Andy Warhol – she has such a vibrant spirit

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