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Friday, 4 March 2022

Abandoned Carpark graffiti manchester

Abandoned Carpark graffiti manchester 

Charles Street multi storey car park
 Manchester M1 7AR



2waze 🔥

Alerts 👊👀


Bet ya can't find Leon ' Tag ' in that lot 👀

NOAL ' gittin closer 👏😉

Sake 👏😉 respect

Floz ' Piller behind 👏😉

Moans on the next Piller 👏😉

2Waze 🎯

Gotta love Mower ❤️ Top lad and a top Graffiti writer 👏😉

YGA above the Car Gate 👏👀

Stairs to hell

Up on the roof

You know my name look up the number


SMT 👏👀 on the 3rd post on the right 


Noers 🔥🥇🔥

Salem tag ✔️


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