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Thursday, 26 May 2022

Humberstone Park Graffiti Hall of Fame Leicester Bring the Paint

humberstone park graffiti hall of fame Leicester bring the Paint

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Humberston Park walls are designated in the centre of the park with a pathway bridge directly across. Along the side of this bridge are steps going down the embankment which provide access. These walls are made of smooth concrete and are approximately 6ft tall. There is room for roughly 20 well sized pieces. There is free parking within the park itself.

Today I visited Humberstone Park in Leicester to check out the graffiti there. It’s a nice local park with swings and a skateboard area with some quite cool graffiti. The best thing about the park though is the culvert that runs through it.
The culvert channels Bushby Brook and I believe dates back to the 1950s. It serves as a wonderful outdoor art gallery for graffiti artists.
A brief scramble down the bank on the side of the brook takes you onto a concrete path and you can then walk up on either side and view the graffiti on the opposite bank.
The art works are really varied, lots of lettering but also characters and the colours are pretty intense.

Please note that there is no wheelchair or ramp access down the embankment to the walls themselves.





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