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Monday, 8 August 2022

Barbara Dettering street art portrait mural Bristol

Michele Curtis, PaintsmithsSeven Saints of St Paul's

Another magnificent mural (one of seven) commemorating the civil rights activist Barbara Dettering. Stunning

Fern Street

This is the third of the Seven Saints of St Paul’s pieces by Michele Curtis and Paintsmiths that I have posted, and it is a real stunner. I love these pictures, because the light and sky are perfect, bringing out the best in the artwork

This ‘saint’ is Barbara Dettering, who was one of the co-founders of the St Paul’s Carnival (along with the other six ‘saints’) and who fought for the rights for people from the Afro-Caribbean community in Bristo

Michele Curtis and the Paintsmiths have once again pulled a rabbit out of a hat with this one. It is an exquisite mural and one that is such a classy way to recognise and pay tribute to local heroes. Not only is the portrait beautifully painted, but the flowers and exotic bird balance the piece perfectly. I love this.

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