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Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Clement portrait Zabou Bristol

Clement portrait Zabou Bristol

Zabou – Hen & Chicken, Greville Street – 

A portrait of ‘Clement’ looking out of the wall on this popular spot on the side of the Hen & Chicken. Zabou has become known for her impressively detailed black and white portraits. Last year she created a mural of fellow artist Slim Safont as part of the 75 walls in 75 days project

The very first time I saw Zabou’s work was at an Upfest festival a few years ago. After that I saw more of her work on a couple of trips to London and have become a big fan. Her photorealistic portraits are among the best in the world, and it is a privilege when she comes to visit the west of England, in particular Bristol and Cheltenham

All I know about this magnificent portrait piece is that it is called stuck, and given that I was a little bit behind the curve, I never saw her painting it, but only as the final completed work, which meant I couldn’t even ask her about it.

I love the way that the face is slightly compressed and contorted in the places where it comes in contact with the hole in the wall. I also love the overall trompe l’oeil effect of the painted brick wall.

This is a magnificent piece that adds weight to the international status of Upfest and helps to draw visitors and inward investment to the city. We have come a long way since Banksy and his contemporaries. A truly stunning piece from Zabou.

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