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Saturday, 16 July 2022

Conor Harrington Street art Bristol

Conor Harrington Street art Bristol 

Ireland's Conor Harrington often paints characters with an imperial flavour. These three-storey-high soldiers are nestled behind the church on Nelson Street

During the ‘See no Evil’ event in Bristol in 2012, Conor Harrington dropped over from his native Ireland and painted this mural in his distinctive style. It is called ‘the Duel of Bristol’.

This mural happens to be located in one of my favourite parts of Bristol, tucked away behind the church of St John the Baptist and through the old city gate – I love the way it is framed by an ancient/modern setting.

Connor Harrington

Created for the 2012 edition of the See No Evil Festival

See No Evil

Promoted as the creation of Europe's largest outdoor gallery, Nelson Street, one of Bristol city centre's busiest through roads, was transformed with colour in 2011 and again in 2012. The Upfest production crew worked on behalf of the See No Evil management team, scheduling artists from around the world, working 24hrs a day for 10 days operating access equipment for artists and managing site health and safety requirements

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