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Sunday, 7 August 2022

Cops and Robbers street art Bristol

Cops and Robbers street art Bristol

Cats and Pigs street art mural Bristol 

What a fantastic piece by Sepr this is, and I totally missed it. The wall on the side of The Bell pub has played host to a piece by Sepr before which I posted way back in May 2016, but when I returned some time last year it had been painted over, and I wondered whether the landlords had had enough of street art on their pub.

I was passing by that way recently and to my complete surprise and joy this ‘new’ and outstanding mural has taken the place of the old one. I asked a lady who came out of the back door of the pub if it was new and she said that it had been painted in June 2019, I thanked her, and felt rather useless that as a chronicler of Bristol street art I had completely missed this one. The story has a happy ending in so much as I did find it in the end and it looks as good as new.

The brilliance of Sepr never seems to dwindle and his story telling through art is quite remarkable. A group of criminal cats have been on a banana robbery and in their attempt to escape have driven in to some police, depcited as pigs of course, and  there are bananas spilling out all over the place.

Make no mistake, I love, love, love this piece and what a treat to find it.

Near 20-2 Dalton Square, Bristol

The Bell

16-18 Hillgrove St, Bristol BS2 8JT

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