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Monday, 15 August 2022

Coral Reef Street mural by Louis Masai Bristol

Coral Reef Street mural by Louis Masai Bristol

This year's Upfest in Bristol features the television cartoon series "The Simpsons", a show that has been running since the late 1980s. Creator of "The Simpsons" Matt Groening has selected some of the street artist's for this year's Upfest. In addition, other street artists have played a part in honouring the cartoon family in their murals for this year's Upfest. One of the artists who painted on North Street in Bedminster, Bristol, is Louis Masai. Masai's work always draws connections to environmental issues, and that is what his stunning artwork is reflecting this year. It is similar to some of the work he has created in London.

The work depicts a coral sea with fish, turtles, and colourful plants. However, floating plastic bags can be seen amongst the colourful creatures. The artwork sends a message about pollution in water.

As a tribute to "The Simpsons", the three-eyed fish in the cartoon style created by Matt Groening also makes an appearance 

One of the less celebrated, but nonetheless special, walls at Upfest is this side street, Mount Pleasant Terrace, just off North Street. Previous occupiers of this wall have been Sokar Uno (2016) and My Dog Sighs and Snub 23 (2017), so it has a great pedigree. This year the mural went big, spreading beyond the first floor and covering the entire end of row wall.

At first glance it might not be obvious that this is a Louis Masai piece, but a closer inspection gives away some of the tell tale signs, such as a patchwork turtle, and of course a signature

I was pretty spaced out at the festival, absorbing so much visual information but not really seeing things right in front of me – sensory overload if you like. I didn’t take a proper look at the wall until the scaffolding was down a couple of days later and then it hit me, this is a brilliant piece by Louis Masai

There is so much to look at in this coral reef scene, but of course it comes with an environmental message, and there floating around the reef are a couple of Tesco bags, which once seen can’t be unseen.

I love the way that he entered into the spirit of the Simpsons theme of the festival and presented us with a cartoon mutant fish with three eyes gawkily cruising across the reef. Some serious messages interspersed with a bit of fun. A great piece to start with. Hats off to Louis Masai.

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