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Sunday, 7 August 2022

DJ Derek by Haka Graffiti Bristol

Check out this amazing DJ Derek piece by Haka Graffiti

This bright and breezy mural by Haka has been around for a long while and includes a tribute to DJ Derek, a Bristol celebrity and much loved character, who sadly passed away in 2015, although his remains weren’t found until March 2016. I have been meaning to post this piece forever, and finally dug it out last week

The whole mural is rather different from the stuff we usually see from Haka and may well have been painted to a brief. The soft colour selection allows the piece to be noticed without being brash or garish. There is so much detail through the piece and plenty of local references, such as the Banksy bear throwing a Molotov cocktail, the original of which is just around the corner.

I am guessing that the piece was a commission from the householder, and remarkably for the area remains largely untouched by taggers. A wonderful testament to Bristol culture and of course DJ Derek.

Preach DJ Derek

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