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Monday, 15 August 2022

Flamingo on Peacock Street art mural Bristol

Flamingo on Peacock Street art mural Bristol

Zase and Dekor, Mina Road, Bristol

Once in a while we are lucky enough in Bristol to see a large commission piece appear in a public space, the last significant one being the Jodi piece for the Florist on the corner of Park Street and Charlotte street. This beautiful commission is by Zase and can be found in Mina Road.

Were it not for visionaries who commission this work in the first place, our streets would be considerably duller than they are. In this case, the recent owner of the restaurant is also owner of several other buildings in the area and he is keen to get some of those painted up too.

This magnificent piece is a solo work by Zase as I am told that Dekor, his painting partner, has returned to his homeland (Slovakia?). A theme that Zase returns to again and again is the natural world, and this piece showcases his talent for painting birds and a natural landscape

There is something about flamingos that street artists seem to like – maybe it is the vibrant colours or the curious body form, whatever it is there are a disproportionate number of them out there. Not that I’m complaining mind.

I like pretty much everything about this mural and of course it contains the trademark 3D moniker from the artist just to the right of the flamingo. Well worth a trip to see this one


A beautiful commission mural by Zase on the front and side of a recently refurbished restaurant

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