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Sunday, 30 October 2022

Frankenstein street art graffiti Bristol

Frankenstein Halloween graffiti street art Bristol

 This outstanding Frankenstein’s monster piece is definitely a Halloween contribution from Kosc, an artist on fire at the moment. Look at how the piece stands out and demands to be looked at against the dreary backdrop of hoardings and buffed wall outside the Blue Mountain.

This series of greyscale pieces set on an orange background is becoming a bit of a strong theme in Kosc’s portfolio, and a thoroughly enjoyable one at that. There is great use of tone in this piece, providing depth and facial contours that lift the features on the monster’s face so well.

I first came across this artist’s work in Moon Street, which runs parallel with Stokes Croft at the back of Blue Mountain, and it would seem that this is a spot favoured by Kosc. This is good news indeed, because few artists seem to bother with the area these days, compared to a few years ago. Great stuff, and enjoy a spooky evening

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