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Saturday, 16 July 2022

Love the Shadow Under the Clowds Bristol

“Love the Shadow Under the Clowds”. Squirl’s abstract country scene is part of his ‘Forest Friends’s series. It can be found on the side of the Pony on the corner of St Francis Street and North Street. The idea is to bring some countryside vibrancy into the city. Another piece by Squirl can also be seen on a nearby street called ‘The Nursery

The large mural is by Squirl, who has painted a few times in Bristol, mostly at Upfest, but also in collaboration with SPZero76 as part of the Gums and Tongue crew. This is a beautifully designed landscape scene in a highly stylised and colourful form. A stunner, and as fortune would have it, the roadworks in front of it made it easier to photograph as there are usually cars permanently parked in front of this wall. Great piece from Squirl.

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