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Saturday, 30 July 2022

My Dog Sighs Hugs Bristol

My Dog Sighs Hugs

My Dog Sighs, from the south coast is better know for his amazing eye myrals. This is a character called Hugs that he also likes to spray, especially on his 'free art friday' pieces

His style is melancholic and often na├»ve, yet colourful and fun. He has some recurring themes, such as the close-ups of eyes, the ‘hugs guy’, the hand-painted recycled cans, and –my favourite- the three-dimensional water drops. As the founder of the project ‘Free Art Friday’, he left free-to-take artworks in the streets every Friday for ten years, a project that was so successful that it spread into a global artistic movement. This huge ‘hugs’ character was made in 2015 and, luckily, it hasn’t been painted over yet.

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