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Thursday, 21 July 2022

Peace and love street art Bristol

Peace and love street art Bristol

New Gatton Rd, Bristol BS2, UK

It is going to be difficult to do this piece justice in writing, because it is just so damn good. First of all I would say that anything painted here had to be good, very good, because the previous resident was a magnificent turtle by Louis Masai, that had been augmented a while back by 3Dom. This collaboration brings together some of Bristol’s finest talent in the shape of 3Dom, Piro, Epok, Sepr and Feek.

The message is loud and clear ‘Peace, Love, Unity’ – something we could all do with after such a prolonged turbulent era in British history.

The lettering in the centre is by Piro and Epok and adopts three very distinct design styles all of which are expertly executed. The writing is flawless and the colour selections draw you in like a beacon. The writing alone would be worthy of this wall, but we have so much more packed into this space

On the left is my favourite bit (perhaps I shouldn’t say it, but it is), which is the female figure By 3Dom. The movement of the figure and expression on the girls face convey a contentedness and presence in ‘the zone’. I love the little details such as her earphones, necklace and belt of planets around her waist – there is a lot of symbolism here.

To the right of the piece is a fine double-act from Feek and Sepr. I am not entirely sure, but the sense I get here is one of celebrating nature and all that is good and nourishing about it. The ‘Green Man’ monster from Feek is an extraordinary piece of art in a cartoon style and a superb foil to the celestial figure by 3Dom opposite. Sepr’s contribution of a robin and a mole add a touch of simple and humorous class to the collaboration. There is so much in this piece to enjoy, and given the location of the wall it is likely to be a keeper. Brilliant.

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