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Saturday, 16 July 2022

pixel pancho see no evil Bristol

pixel pancho see no evil graffiti street art Bristol

 Pixel Pancho

All Saints’ Street
One of the great achievements of the See No Evil street art events in 2011 and 2012 has been the way in which the large pieces have now become local landmarks in the Nelson Street area. In a city where the turnover of street art tends to be incredibly high, it is great to have these untouched iconic pieces that form the backbone of some of the tourist street art tours. I have said it before though, the best thing about the scene here in Bristol is the huge spectrum of work from DBK tagging through to pieces by the world class Pixel Pancho

This lovely piece by Pixel Pancho is instantly recognisable as one of his by the use of mechanical elements blended with the biological, to give a robotic appearance. Having one of his works here in Bristol, made it all the better when I recently saw him at work in New York.

I have yet to see a decent photograph of this piece. It is high on a wall on a shaded side of the street and is difficult to frame without getting light pollution from the surrounding skyline. The colours always look washed out, unless they have been digitally enhanced.

This is a real cultural asset for Bristol

Created for the 2012 edition of the See No Evil Festival

See No Evil

Promoted as the creation of Europe's largest outdoor gallery, Nelson Street, one of Bristol city centre's busiest through roads, was transformed with colour in 2011 and again in 2012. The Upfest production crew worked on behalf of the See No Evil management team, scheduling artists from around the world, working 24hrs a day for 10 days operating access equipment for artists and managing site health and safety requirements

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