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Sunday, 7 August 2022

Robot speakers street art mural Bristol

Robot speakers street art mural Bristol

FLX, 3Dom, Epok, Soker, Sepr, Horley Road, Bristol.

This is a gargantuan collaboration by some of Bristol’s very best street artists, that I first saw back in October 2016, although I am not sure how long it had been there. It is in the St Werburghs/St Pauls area of Bristol, and is a street I rarely get to.

I can’t tell you too much about what the whole piece is about, but I can tell you it was by FLX, 3Dom, Epok, Soker and Sepr. Who did what is a bit of guesswork, but this is how I think it works… The robot on the right looks like Sepr’s work, the wildstyle writing by Soker and Epok, The character in the top left with the big hair by FLX? and the crystal dome thing in the bottom left by 3Dom?

I am not too fussed about who did what, simply because the whole is a truly wonderful collaborative piece . I’m not sure how often this lot get to collaborate, but I wouldn’t think it is too often, so this really is a bit of a one-off.

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