Techni Tou Dromou

Monday, 1 August 2022

Techni Tou Dromou Design by @n.c.mment ciloes

Techni Tou Dromou graphics Design by @n.c.mment aka ciloes

τέχνη του δρόμου
téchni tou drómou

Meaning art of the road 

My rhyme

Based in Manchester

Made in Birmingham

Tempered with Sheffield steel

Because you know I'm real

Got graffiti and Street-Art Murals

From Bristol to Leicester 

and everywhere in between

Techni Tou Dromou

It's the art of the road

Got my name from ancient Greek

Make an hotel my abode

Traveling down the road

Through Alleyways, ginnels and down the canal paths 

From simple dots with lines that zig and zag 

To cartoon characters

When I close my eyes they spiral spin and spin
To draw you in 



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