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Sunday, 17 July 2022

The Hass with Paul Monsters – Al’s Tikka Grill, Ashton Road

The Hass with Paul Monsters – Al’s Tikka Grill, Ashton Road

 Collaboration between The Hass aka Hasam Kamil and Paul Monsters covering the side of Al’s Tikka Grill on Ashton Road. The portrait in the artwork is of Don Piper, a music producer. According to Kamil “The geometric shapes and abstractions that explode outwards across the wall are a visual representation of beats, rhythms and riffs morphing together to create something unseen /unheard” ⠀⠀

Paul Monsters has collaborated on this piece on Ashton Road. His geometric patterns break up the artwork. According to the Hass it “breaks up the artwork creating an interesting composition that ties in with the often sporadic and experimental music that Don Piper produces”

The collaboration is painted on two sides of a building on Ashton Road, not far away from the Ashton Gate football stadium. The portrait, which looks a little bit like a self-portrait, is by The Hass, but the way it blends into the geometric patterns of Paul Monsters is what makes this a proper collaboration in my eyes.

The Hass is a super-talented artist who writes under another name for his graffiti pieces. The portrait has such amazing depth, with perfect use of different tones and shading to bring out the features and highlight all the wrinkles and contours of the face. A masterful piece of wall art.

It is quite unusual to see this colour combination used in the geometric work of Paul Monsters. More often he works with yellows, greens, browns, oranges and purples, but here he has gone for a rather more subtle colour palette which works really well on this particular space

I am not too sure about the significance of the owl, but The Hass has absolutely smashed it. The owl appears to be wearing a little red cap, shared by the self-portrait, and I wonder if The Hass is the owl. Who knows? I’ll have to ask him next time I see him.

All in all, another outstanding wall in this summer series. We citizens of Bristol are a lucky bunch really

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