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Sunday, 21 August 2022

Tobacco Factory street art murals Bristol

Tobacco Factory
Although officially located on North Street we’ve given the Tobacco Factory a section of it’s own. Here the centre piece wall of Upfest is always created and this year the key festival artist for Upfest 2022 is Sophie Mess. Around the back multiple artists also create works in the enclosed car park. The streets in the immediate vicinity also are regular locations for street art. The Souk Kitchen and the Bristol Beer Factory Taproom generally not to be missed.

Justinks – Tobacco Factory Car Park, Raleigh Road – instagram
Originally from Malta, Justinks is known for his murals and his tattoos. Painting for Upfest 2022 his sleeping fox brings together both of those styles

Rich Simmons – Tobacco Factory Car Park, Raleigh Road – instagram
Pop artist Rich Simmons is well known for his vibrant colourful and bold images. Mainly painting in the studio these days, he nevertheless was able to throw of the cobwebs with this fun piece for Upfest

Madonia Art – Tobaccco Factory Car Park, Raleigh Road – instagram
“I am inspired by everyday events in my life, by the people I meet; all are reflected through me into my canvas” says Romanian artist Madonia on her website. Her piece in the Tobacco Factory an interconnection of all things. Faces weaving together with colour and flora and fauna

Adam Hernandez – Tobacco Factory Car Park, Raleigh Road – instagram
A mask set against swirling patterns of green and orange colour. Adam Hernandez’s piece in the Tobacco Factory returned to a familiar motif in his work, the Godmask. “They represent powers and attitudes that can empower and embolden us” he told Inspiring City. “This mask in particular is inspired by my Puerto Rican heritage and celebratory masks we make called vejigantes.”

Des Murs – Tobacco Factory Car Park, Raleigh Road – instagram
Worthing artist Des Murs has combined his tag with a lizard on this piece within the Tobacco Factory festival area

Idiom – Tobacco Factory Car Park, Raleigh Road – instagram
Called ‘Lovestruck’ the image shows the same image slightly altered of a man set against an abstract background. It was they say “meant to be about the moment you fall in love”. Adding that in the original thinking there should be text to go alongside saying ‘then it hit him. He was in love’. Eventually deciding that this may be overkill on the day. The piece was created over a number of different layers against the backdrop of a huge crowd of people. “We even got a spontaneous round of applause for Hugo’s graceful removal of the tape to reveal the final stripy mural

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