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Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Wxttsart, Rozalita and Stika, Albert Park Place, Bristol

Wxttsart, Rozalita and Stika, Albert Park Place, Bristol, January 2022

One of my favourite walls in Bristol and one that changes probably less than once a year. The wall is tucked away in St Paul’s and has been brilliantly painted by a trio of Bristol artists, Wxttsart, Rozalita and Stika.

On the left of the triptych is a wonderful ‘Milk’ piece of graffiti writing by Wxttsart. I have seen a lot of his work about the place, but I think that this might be the first time I have posted anything by him. It will not be the last.

The centrepiece, and my favourite part of the collaboration is by Rozalita. I have said plenty in recent weeks about her diversification, and this is yet another outstanding example of her progress and development. It is a wonderful and slightly peculiar portrait piece with loads of expression and interest. Very lively.

To the right is some fine writing from Stika whose ability to switch from writing to character pieces is second to none. There is something quite logical, mathematical and regimented in his writing here, and it has a uniqueness to it. The colours match those of Wxttsart, and bring a completeness to the whole collaboration. Some lovely stuff here.

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