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Sunday, 14 August 2022

The Beatles Street art mural Liverpool

The Beatles Street art mural Liverpool

The Beatles Wall Art - Jamaica Road, Liverpool

The Beatles band graffiti in Liverpool by Paul Curtis a graffiti artist from the English

Paul Curtis a graffiti artist from the English. Instead of typical graffiti methods the moose creates his art to clean dirt and grime off surfaces. Paul Curtis uses tools such as a shoe brush water and handwork to create freehand drawings and illustrations.

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Thursday, 17 March 2022

Psychedelic Ringo Starr Street Art Mural in Liverpool

Psychedelic Ringo Starr Street Art Mural in Liverpool

The Beatles Hotel street art mural Liverpool 

The Empress pub in Toxteth is to be transformed into a Beatles themed hotel

Artist John Culshaw

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Yellow Submarine 

Octopus 🐙 

 A mural of Ringo Starr has been unveiled on the site of a former pub, streets away from where the Beatles drummer grew up in Liverpool.

The artwork covers the entire wall of the former Empress pub in Toxteth, which Starr paid tribute to on the cover of his first solo album in 1970.

Beatles fans regularly visit the pub despite it closing down many years ago.

The piece was painted by Liverpool artist John Culshaw, who is known for football-themed murals across the city.

Mr Culshaw sketched out the initial design in late February and revealed the piece earlier.

It has been rumoured that the building could be transformed into a Beatles-themed hotel, but, according to Liverpool City Council planning documents, the former pub is to be converted into housing.

Starr, 81, grew up on Madryn Street in the Dingle area, while his mother Elsie worked as a barmaid in the nearby Empress pub on Admiral Grove.

The musician, who received a knighthood for his services to music in 2018, also lived on Admiral Grove from the age of six.

Tuesday, 15 March 2022

The Beatles Peace and Love street art mural Liverpool

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Yellow Submarine Bar Liverpool

Yellow Submarine Bar

A brand new bar has opened in Cains Brewery Village, but it’s not your average bar.

The 60’s and Beatles-inspired venue is based inside a yellow submarine.

Before it was a bar, the impressive submarine has had quite an exciting past.

Originally it was used as a prop in the Sean Connery film Hunt For Red October, before the current owners bought it from Paramount Studios.

For years, the yellow submarine was then used as a floating hotel on the Albert Dock and had visits from celebrities including Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Tony Curtis, Nick Rhodes and more

 70 Stanhope St, Liverpool L8 5RF

Wednesday, 27 October 2021

The Beatles and the tower new Brighton

The Beatles and the tower new Brighton

A LARGE mural portraying The Beatles running towards the former site of the Tower Ballroom will be unveiled in New Brighton this weekend.

Based in the town's Victorian Quarter, the Mason Street mural will be unveiled on Sunday, September 1 at 3pm.

The Fab Four performed at the Tower Ballroom 27 times between 1961 and 1963 and the artwork is hoped to symbolise hope and regeneration of the area.

 Art by Alexander ‘New Brighton Beatles and the Tower’ – Mason Street

Based on artwork from the late Tony Booth the image on Mason Street remembers the old posters promoting music at the former Tower ballroom. In particular it features silhouettes of the Beatles, who played 27 times at the venue. Shown running along the bottom of the wall they are portrayed as being late for a gig. Sadly the tower ballroom has long since gone and the mural was painted to commemorate 50 years since it burnt down in 1969. The mural is the third to be painted by local artists led by ‘Art by Alexander’ in the area.

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