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Sunday, 16 January 2022

An Exhibition of Street-Art Murals at the LTB Showrooms

An Exhibition of Street-Art Murals at the LTB Showrooms

Above Little Tree Pub Coventry

artist @daub.jg

Fox by artist @graffoflarge

Fox by artist @graffoflarge

Artist rtc72arts

Artist N4T4

Artist @Voidoneuk


Midlands based spray paint artist who enjoys creating stunning figurative artwork that is made up of intricate textures and double exposed images

Artist N4T4

artist @rich_inwood

artist @lord.numb


star wars stormtrooper

artist artist @graffoflarge

artist @graffoflarge

Artist N4T4

Artist N4T4

Exhibition runs until Feb 12th and features 15 pieces of artwork from @godivafestival and @AITPLeamington

LTB showrooms

Pop-up arts, heritage & culture space above the Litten Tree Pub in Coventry's Bull Yard quarter - Free admission, with exhibitions & events over 3 floors.

Independent arts music and heritage cultural space providing a home to Coventry's thriving local art community

BRINK is a Contemporary Arts organisation specialising in large scale murals and street art. Its aim is to raise awareness of Contemporary Art with a focus on Graffiti Art and Street Art, making them more accessible to the public. Brink promotes talented, emerging Artists alongside more established practitioners through the organisation of events, shows and presentations that occur in less traditional exhibition spaces. They have been organising exhibitions, festivals and events for over ten years as well as providing street artists for high status events such as Godiva Festival and Leamington Art in the Park.

Thursday, 13 January 2022

Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Mural The Empire Far Gosford Street

 Far Gosford Street,  Coventry

Mural Youthful Cities Coventry

Mural Youthful Cities Coventry

Young Artists in Coventry and Bogota from Youthful Cities Programme, FarGo Village, CV1 5ED

As part of the Youthful Cities Programme, Young people in Coventry and Bogota, Colombia, have been collaborating on a new street art project, led by Coventry artist Jay McKeown, Leicester's Graffwerks, and Colombia's Vertigo Graffiti. In Coventry, a mural has been painted in FarGo Village, presented as part of our In Paint We Trust programme. Young Artists include Rory McKenna (Coventry), Tariq Phillip Evans (Coventry), Cameron Armstrong (Coventry), Kiene Tuckley (Coventry), Luke Spencer (Coventry), Machila Kennedy (Coventry), Daniela Martínez – Plasma (Bogotá), Sebastián Calderón Cortés – Chulo (Bogotá), Ana Lucía Morales Pulido – Alucina (Bogotá), Tatiana Contreras – Micromomentos (Bogotá), Paula Andrea Lemus – Naranjita (Bogotá), Mauricio Moscoso – MRZ (Bogotá).


Street art murals at fargo village Coventry

Street art murals at fargo village Coventry

Fargo Village, Far Gosford Street, Coventry CV1 5ED

FarGo is an artistically re-purposed industrial space in Coventry City Centre, designed exclusively for creative, independent businesses and like-minded visitors. Located on Far Gosford Street, a recently regenerated area with a rich cultural heritage.

We are fiercely independent! We have an eclectic mix of over 40 independent businesses based here, including a craft brewery, artisan food, vegan shop, printing, a museum dedicated to Sgt Bilko and a dedicated street food hall.

We have flexible outdoor and indoor event spaces, available to hire for charity, community, corporate and family events, we organise at least 25 events per year ranging from Vegan Markets to Peace Forums, Cheese Festivals to Vintage Home shows. We are proud to work in partnership with charities and organisations from across the area, including Coventry University, Coventry City Council, Coventry Pride, Coventry BID and Positive Youth Foundation.


Six young artists from Coventry and six young artists from Bogota have met online through the last year, sharing reflections on their cities and their priorities as street artists to develop and create new murals in each city, led by local arts organisations (Graffwerk and Jay McKeown – Coventry) and Vertigo Graffiti (Bogota).

Both cohorts have identified ownership of public space as a priority for young people, as a place to communicate, challenge and be creative.  

In September, the Coventry cohort created a new mural at FarGo Village, the mural celebrates Coventry’s history and present, with designs that update Coventry icons such as Lady Godiva in the issues of today. In January, the Bogota young artists will create their own new mural in the city with a design that reflects upon the challenges that have faced young people in Bogota over the last year, but that stands up and confronts challenges with joy and stands in solidarity with marginalised communities within their city.


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