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Sunday, 7 August 2022

Graffiti Hall of Fame Dean Lane Skatepark Bristol

Graffiti Hall of Fame Dean Lane Skatepark Bristol

Dame Emily Park aka The Deaner

This is a legal graffiti wall in Bristol. 

a variety of paintable surfaces in a leafy park with a skatepark and play area, loved by the local community. not strictly legal but tolerated since 1988. two large walls (one brick, approx 35'x30' and one flat, approx 40'x15' - length x height) and a long, short 'wall' made of wooden boards erected at the top of the park, which is only temporary. skate jams are put on annually by the Dean Lane Hardcore, bringing together the community with live music etc. graffiti jams are not so frequent

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A recent visit to Bristol by Goldie and Posea was enough to draw some of Bristol’s best artists, 3Dom, Dibz and Shade One, together to create a magnificent collaborative wall in Dean Lane, a couple of weeks ago. The end result is something quite magnificent and a wall that will last long in the memory, and might well remain in situ for quite some time, as there will be lots of respect for it.

The left-hand side of the wall is propped up with this wonderful portrait piece from Shade One. I don’t know if I might be imagining it, but recently Shade One’s style has moved from a cartoony style to a more photorealistic style, and he seems to have raised his level considerably.

The left side of the wall features three artists, Shade One, Goldie, with the writing (SAKUKO) and 3Dom with the fantasy and rather fantastical landscape of mushrooms and snail thing. I understand that the two pieces of graffiti writing are names of two of Goldie’s children.

The 3Dom snail with a house for a shell is crazy and imaginative, but I have seen him paint this house a few times before, and I wonder if there is some significance to it. The snail is magnificent, and the eyes are beautifully painted  – I’m not too sure what it all means though.

The second piece of Goldie Graffiti writing spells out CHANCE, the name of his daughter, and is in a style more reminiscent of his writing in St Werburghs tunnel a few months ago. There is a flag sticking out of the ‘a’ with the word bleu on it – another mystery of the piece.

The right-hand side of the wall is rounded off with some superb writing from Dibz and a hand with a lighter by Posea. Both of these elements are superbly painted, as you’d expect, and the flame from the lighter acts as a bridge between the two halves of the collaboration.

I don’t know much about Posea at all, other than that he comes from Nottingham and judging from his Instagram feed is a hugely talented and productive street artist. This hand holding a lighter is outstanding, but the flame takes it to another level. Since I photographed this piece, I have seen another of his pieces in Bristol which is equally impressive. I hope he can return soon to share the joy again.

Andy Council 

ASK ask crew Bristol 

MF DOOM Graffiti 

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Saturday, 21 May 2022

Mf Doom Graffiti Leicester

Mf Doom Graffiti

St margaret's underpass Leicester


Tuesday, 11 January 2022

MF Doom street art mural Digbeth

MF Doom mural Digbeth 


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