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Flower Mural new Brighton

Flower Mural new Brighton

 Nerone – Virginia Road / Belmont Road

French artist Nerone is known for his bright palette and his dripping flowers. His work in New Brighton on the corner of Virginia and Belmont Road doesn’t disappoint. One of the biggest murals in terms of wall space, he has called the piece ‘Belladonna’.

Pirate Mural new Brighton

Pirate Mural new Brighton


Seekings floating and finding keeping

Seekings floating and finding keeping new Brighton

Nomad Clan – Waterloo Road

Painted in February 2020 the mural by the Nomad Clan is a nod to New Brighton’s coastal history. In particular it references the areas history of ship wrecking. Smugglers would lure unsuspecting ships onto the rocks through the lighting of fires on the hillsides. Ships would then be looted and sunk. The phrase ‘Seekings Finding and Findings Keeping’ is said to date from these times. The Nomad Clan are a duo known for their murals which explore elements of an areas history

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New Brighton shops murals

New Brighton shops murals

Matt Dosa ‘Abstract Seaside’ – Victoria Road

Back onto the main Victoria Road, Matt Dosa’s colourful work was partly Inspired by the nearby seaside. Covering the whole upper floor of three buildings. It uses a combination of shapes and colours. The piece is pure fun and is complete proof of the power of street art to transform an environment.

New Brighton Post office

Insa Mansions – Victoria Road / Waterloo Road

Wrapping around the side of a building fronting the post office is a giant mural from Insa. His swirling pattern style is what he calls ‘graffiti fetish’. It is artwork which can be found on clothing and furniture as well as remaining popular on the street and in the gallery. This colourful piece is probably the biggest mural in New Brighton. It’s also one of the brightest


Oakland Cali Bear – Oakland Gallery, Victoria Road

A throw back to a time before the real development of street art in the area. It’s uncertain who actually painted the Cali Bear which now sits over the Oakland Gallery. From what I can discover, the original space for the gallery was due to be a Californian themed restaurant. The Cali Bear was then painted as part of the branding for that space as the bear is a symbol of California.


The Beatles and the tower new Brighton

The Beatles and the tower new Brighton

A LARGE mural portraying The Beatles running towards the former site of the Tower Ballroom will be unveiled in New Brighton this weekend.

Based in the town's Victorian Quarter, the Mason Street mural will be unveiled on Sunday, September 1 at 3pm.

The Fab Four performed at the Tower Ballroom 27 times between 1961 and 1963 and the artwork is hoped to symbolise hope and regeneration of the area.

 Art by Alexander ‘New Brighton Beatles and the Tower’ – Mason Street

Based on artwork from the late Tony Booth the image on Mason Street remembers the old posters promoting music at the former Tower ballroom. In particular it features silhouettes of the Beatles, who played 27 times at the venue. Shown running along the bottom of the wall they are portrayed as being late for a gig. Sadly the tower ballroom has long since gone and the mural was painted to commemorate 50 years since it burnt down in 1969. The mural is the third to be painted by local artists led by ‘Art by Alexander’ in the area.

Deep sea Diver mural new Brighton

 Brez – Neptune Hotel, Victoria Road

On the side of the Neptune Hotel a one legged man can be seen diving amidst an array of golden coins all gently drifting to the ocean floor. The mural remembers Frank ‘Peggy’ Gadsby who would dive for pennies off New Brighton pier. He became known for his phrase ‘Don’t forget the diver sir, don’t forget the diver. Ever penny makes the water warmer’.

New Brighton street art murals

 New Brighton street art murals

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Brighton street art murals

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